• Closing (also called settlement) is the legal transfer of property ownership. Usually, but not always, possession is transferred at closing. Sometimes the seller may ask to close the sale but retain possession, and pay rent to the buyer until vacating the property at a later date.


  • Face-to-face closings are common in most states, although a few states do not require them. Your ABR® can provide details for your situation. The participants usually include:

  • You, the buyer. The seller.The real estate agents representing the buyer(s) and seller(s). Attorneys for the buyer(s) and seller(s). The closing agent, the title insurance representative, and the escrow agent. Often one person fulfills all three roles, coordinating and recording the exchange of the documents and money, disbursing funds, and handling various closing details.


  • Closings are usually held at a title company’s office. Their job is to confirm the current legal owner of the property, reveal any mortgages, liens, judgments or unpaid taxes on the property, and identify any restrictions that may affect the sale of the property. Any problems need to be corrected before a buyer can receive “good title.”


  • Your ABR® can advise you on what you’ll need to bring to closing, but typically buyers must provide:
  • Payment of closing costs
  • Proof of insurance
  • Approval of inspections of the property


  • You’ll sign many documents. Rely on your buyer’s  rep and your attorney to review these documents and answer any questions you may have. Frequently-used documents include:
  • Closing statement (HUD-1) – details all funds changing hands between the buyer and seller
  • Truth in Lending statement – a final summary of the terms of your loan
  • Mortgage note – a legal obligation to repay the lender according to stated terms
  • Deed of trust – the legal transfer of ownership; gives the lender a claim against your home if you fail to meet the terms of the mortgage note
  • Affidavits – any binding statements by the buyer or seller
  • Riders – any contract amendments that impact your rights
  • Any additional documents required in your state.

Once all documents are signed and all monies have been paid, possession is transferred and you receive the keys to your new home. Be sure to keep your closing documents in a safe place for future reference. Some of the expenses associated with your home purchase are tax-deductible.

Frequently-Asked-Questions About Closing

Because I am committed to preparing you to be an educated buyer, I will:

  • Give you the most vital information on available homes
  • Keep you aware of changes in the real estate market
  • Arrange a tour of areas, schools and key points of interest
  • Provide neighborhood information on municipal services, schools, churches, etc.
  • Check applicable zoning and building restrictions
  • Disclose all known facts about properties I show you
  • Collect pertinent data on values, taxes, utility costs, etc.
  • Point out strengths and weaknesses of all properties you choose to view
  • Explain forms, contracts, escrow and settlement procedures
  • Discuss loan qualification and processing

Because I am committed to helping you save time, I will:

  • Provide ready access to all MLS-listed properties
  • Assist you as needed on all unlisted properties
  • Help you select for viewing only those homes that fit your needs
  • Show you homes only in the price range most suited to your finances
  • Provide you a list of qualified attorneys, home inspectors or other service providers

Because I am committed to helping you find the best value, I will:

  • Prepare studies of property values in chosen areas
  • Perform a market analysis on chosen properties
  • Discuss financing alternatives
  • See that you get a complete estimate of all costs involved
  • Advise on offers on properties
  • Write and present your purchase agreement to the seller
  • Negotiate on your behalf

 Because I am committed to you—my buyer—I will do all of this, plus:

  • Keep your personal information confidential at all times
  • Stay in touch with you from the day you start your search until the day you move in
  • Coordinate all aspects of the sale and closing
  • Be reimbursed with a commission only when we successfully close a transaction (unless other terms, such as an hourly rate, have been agreed upon)..

Our Pledge To You

  • Help Arrange Financing
  • Finding The Right Property
  • Educate You On Market Conditions
  • Guide You Through Making An Offer and Represent You and Your Interest in Negotiations
  • Get You to Closing and Serve as your Trusted Real Estate Resource
  • Count on your Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) to Provide the Highest Level of Buyer-Representation Services

What We Will Do For You